It is a pragmatic science which concerns the total experience of life, is a way of life fully in this world, but with the right posting without the chains of the senses. Yoga leads to a perfect state of health through a purification process and a balance of body and mind. The origin of yoga is very old (its nature is divine) and it was revealed to the sages in meditation or in a dream and then handed down from master to disciple. Archaeological sites show in the Indus Valley dating back to 3000 BC, men representatives seals and statuettes in yoga positions.

Yoga means “Union”, the Union of body, mind and spirit, our true self, is the realization of the divine within us. Through the continuous practice of yoga, you can make light of the self which is our true identity. Ashtanga yoga is a path wide and directed towards the Union of body, mind and spirit, it must be practiced with constancy and devotion under the guidance of a qualified teacher. During the classes, the theory is really small, it is always what he said Sri K. Pattabhi Jois: “99% practice and 1% theory”.

Dictating how on how to perform the postures, do you act the mind, in Ashtanga yoga, on the other hand, lets follow the flow of breath and it is through your breath that you reach the correct posture. Every Asana has a precise number of Vinyasa, the synchronic movements with breathing, Vinyasa properly run for each posture requires a level of advanced practice. Through practice you get to have a breath control, Bandha and a fair flow between an Asana.

The Ashtanga yoga through his practice, to reach dynamic Asanas which initially might seem impossible, and here again an important sentence of Sri K. Pattabhi Jois: “Practice and everything happens”.